Whether you're an individual looking for support in your own pursuit or leading an organization with multiple other team members and stakeholders, we can help. Our experience and expertise spans the non-profit sector and small business spaces and we're ready to help you succeed in accomplishing your mission and living out your values.

Small Business

With a great passion for the product and a tremendous sense of service, small businesses drive the economy. We can help your small business think broader, operate wiser, and serve better. Whether you're a startup or an established business, we can help you define the next steps to success. You believe in your company's mission; let us help you live it out. 



Are you a direct sales leader? Leading a small business of your own, you may need help developing your personal career path, expanding your network, or developing a plan to spin multiple plates at the same time. You launched your own business for a reason; let us help you make it a success for you and your family.



Non-profit organizations are the essence of putting others first. Sadly, that often means the organization itself is the last to get the care and help it needs to succeed and thrive. With expertise in non-profit organizations, local churches, parachurch ministries, and Christian schools, we know the unique challenges you face in your environment and work to bring you success.



While ministries face challenges strikingly similar to other non-profits and small businesses, churches and faith-based organizations face a set of unique challenges of their own. Addressing external pressures, building from heritage without it being baggage, dealing with passionate volunteers, and remaining relevant in today's culture just scratch the surface of these issues. You have a worthwhile mission; let us help you ensure you're making the impact in line with your calling.

A few of the clients we've had the privilege of serving: