Whether you're looking for a speaker at your local church, conference, leadership gathering, or other event, we're here to serve you. Following is a list of our standard workshop topics, which can be customized both for content and time relevant to your needs and application. Contact us today to discuss how we can serve you.

Leadership | STRATEGY

Strategic planning for your ministry effort

As the statement goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Our hearts are stirred to action, passion bubbles up and we feel compelled to do something…to make a difference in the lives of kids, start a ministry, launch an effort within our church. Yet too often the connection between passion and action is weak at best. This workshop will focus on helping individuals walk through some simple practices to launch and create a strategic plan for their ministry area–not an over-complicated binder of action steps that won’t get acted on, but a simple, straight-forward plan to help passionate individuals act and be successful.

Creative Fundraising For Your Ministry Effort

It takes money to do ministry, yet we're often stuck with a shortage of resources to do what we need to do. Whether you're looking to raise $2M for a new building or $2,000 for a mission trip, this workshop will uncover Biblical principles of fundraising alongside practical tips to maximize your income while minimizing the effort and stress among your team and donors. 

Your Brand's Story

Every organization and brand has a story; it's just that sometimes we're just not all that good at sharing what it is. To effectively get others passionate and excited about what you're doing, you need to fully understand and clearly communicate that story. This workshop helps you unpack the core of your brand and develop the strategy to share it with the world.

Creative Leadership

There are tens of thousands of leadership books in print, dozens of leadership- oriented magazines, countless workshops and seminars, and yet leadership gaps are present in every church and ministry. What’s missing in yours? What can you do about it? And how can you cut through the clutter to make a real difference in your church and community?

Youth Ministry

Lessons Learned In Youth Ministry

We each have our own “war stories” of living life in youth ministry. In this workshop we’ll spend time hearing a set of lessons learned and how to apply the good and avoid the bad.

Youth Ministry Meets Madison Avenue

Teenagers are a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry, and advertisers know this. What is the business world doing to teenagers and how are we to respond? In this workshop we'll uncover some of the major trends in today's culture as well as an understanding of where our role as youth workers fits in. (Appropriate for children's and adult ministry workers, too.)

Effective Teaching for Middle School & High School Students

Have you ever wondered how to teach and communicate to a group of kids who have the attention span of a gnat? We'll walk through some concepts and tips to make our teaching as effective as possible, and address common concerns most youth leaders face.

Family & Adoption

Why should adoption matter to your church?

Adoption is the heart of the gospel and it's a growing trend among ministry leaders. Yet many of us don't fully understand how it works, what the complexities are, and how we can (or should) get involved. In this workshop, we'll cover the basics of adoption--from theology to practical understanding. Content is applicable for individuals/families and ministry leaders.

where's dad?

Study upon study indicates the importance of a father in the development and upbringing of children. Yet with increasing frequency, we see the absence of dad - at church and at home. What gives? Where's Dad? In this workshop, we'll unpack the importance of fathers, what seems to have happened to dad's involvement, and how our churches can begin a redemptive effort.